ONG Miriyawalé uses “A socio-cultural methodology, this is a way of thinking and acting that is based on reflection, experience, expertise and scientific knowledge. This methodology is used by various organizations by their volunteer and professional staff. They use it to connect to individuals and groups and to activate the participants of the projects in one or more dimensions of their existence and in their various living conditions. These dimensions of existence characterizes human beings as meaningfull value seekers, as knowledge processors, as skilled actors and creative explorers, as creators of culture and social beings. The chief objectives are to develop an identity, promote social integration and social participation and the building of a democratic, sustainable and inclusive society. This conscious and thoughtful way of created open opportunities encourages encounters and informal learning. There are processes of critical consciousness, reflexive accountability and personal education. This method stimulates the development of social, cultural and communicative skills and the formation of social networks and cultural symbols. In creating and exploiting these opportunities the individuals and groups are active ‘participants’ with whom the staff dialogue’s about the specific objectives and approaches.

In the Center we use the slogan:

“Youth for Youth”

The older kids who visit the Center are all volunteers and help de little ones. The volunteers are supervised by Abou Camara and Janette de Haas. The Center is for and by the youth. We run the Center together. All of the visitors get a pass/entry ticket: “Ami(e) de Miriyawalé” and will be registered at one point. There is a weekly program during school and holiday periods with sports, games, cultural-experience, lessons, lecture, homework assistance, and clubs during the weekday’s and a more relaxing program in the weekend with watching movies, drawing, crafts, dancing etc.

Connected to the Center, there is a recording studio and stage to achieve cultural productions. There is a freely accessible library with French and English books and computers. We conduct external social cultural projects in collaboration with network partners, on their own initiative and upon request.