What we do

After 20 years of cultural and social cultural work carried out in Europe the founders of Miriyawalé are applying the social-cultural methodology in Mali since 2008. The goals of this methodology cooperate with development:

  • To promote and support education, culture and sport
  • Labor market guidance
  • Health education, prevention and behavior change
  • Capacity building and empowerment
  • Promoting welfare
  • Social and financial education (Aflatoun.org)

Target groups and goals

The target groups of NGO Miriyawalé in Mali are:

    • Early childhood 0-6 (neighbourhood function)
    • (School) Children 6-17 (local function)
    • Young adults 18-30 (regional function)

The goal is to give children and young-ones, next to their home and school, a safe place and contribute to the development of the visitors and participants to grow up into independent adults.

Main activities areas:

    • Education
    • Culture
    • Sport

    and Social assistance and support in individual cases.

    We also have a specific approach for Garibouts and street children.

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