The Social cultural organisation Miriyawalé was founded in 1997 in the Netherlands by Abou Camara (Mali 1951, musician, sound technician, youth worker) and Janette de Haas (Groningen 1959, Youth worker, ICT). Since then, many activity’s have been developed by volunteers of the foundation Miriyawalé to inform and to become acquainted with many facets of the Malian (West African) culture, including:

  • Dance performances 
  • Music performances
  • African catering and cooking workshops
  • African fashion shows
  • Music lessons and workshops
  • A fund raising for music instruments
  • African children’s days and guest lectures at schools
  • A shelter for West African migrants in the Netherlands
  • Travels to Mali with guests

During these trips, there were short projects in Mali, witch were aimed at brighten the lives of the poor and to improve the conditions of artists. At the same time relationships were build and maintained and necessary preparations were established to open the social cultural Center in Sikasso Mali in the future. In December 2007, the president of foundation Miriyawalé along with the Minister “de l’administration Territori et des collectivités locales” signed the “Accord Cadre” and NGO Miriyawalé in Mali was established.

After living and working in the Netherlands for 20 years, Abou Camara repatriated in July 2008 to Mali with Janette de Haas to share his knowledge and expertise with youth and artists in Mali Sikasso as he always wanted. With a team of motivated volunteers, NGO Miriyawalé opened a children and youth activity Center in September 1, 2008. The Center offers a preschool for infants and toddlers and meaningful leisures after school or work for students and (unemployed) youth. At day time we offer work-study programs and literacy courses.